Elderberry Syrup Mamas is a brand selling various elderberry products to help boost wellness and health. They were already established with a retail presence at brick-and-mortar stores, but wanted a functional and effective e-commerce website as they expand – so they came to us!
"I am blown away with the outcome of my website. I have since received so many compliments on my site and feel that it is 100% on brand and exactly what I was hoping for. My website revamp with Hedy was 100% worth the investment. The biggest impact I've seen has simply been in myself. I feel confident in sending people to my website now. I am proud to show off my products and tell people about my company using the website as a tool.
When it comes to your website, it is important to understand you get what you pay for. I paid two different people over the course of a year to update and alter my website, but chose these people because they were "cheaper". As much as I appreciate the work they did for me and the effort they put forth to save me money I realize now if I had just spent the money upfront on a professional I would have saved money and had the results I was looking for sooner with so much less stress.
Working with Hedy was amazing. The whole process was smooth and streamlined and Hedy communicated so effectively. The beginning stages were really managed so well with the videos and tutorials to show me where to upload images and files so the process was quick and clear."
Misti Rusk